01 01 2022

Italy in 1000 Miles

Here the 9th episode of a narrative project directed by Simone with the team at What Italy Is and called ‘Italy in 1000 Miles’.

Simone crossed various cultural ingredients.
The unique opera tradition that belongs to Italy, in the talent of Giuseppe Verdi, the passion and talent of a fifteen-year-old Italian teenager of Chinese origins.

Monica chose to play Il Coro di Festa from Verdi’s opera Il Don Carlo to wish and wish for optimism after a long period of quarantine (and remote school).

Italy in 1000 Miles is a narrative project of places and stories focused on some visions of people who live in the territories crossed by the most beautiful race in the world, called 1000 Miglia.

A production and a story made with the great team at What Italy Is for 1000 Miglia

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